“A Camino tour has a much deeper impact on students than any other school tour we’ve been associated with.”

Secundary school teacher (Ireland)

“Walking as pilgrims, carrying a backpack, staying in pilgrim hostels, country inns, and monasteries, students travel on foot between 10-15 miles a day. Slowing down to “human speed”, leaving behind the ordinary concerns of daily life, and unplugging from the internet, iPod and cell phone brings rich rewards that are rare in today’s world—the intimacy of prolonged solitude, the beauty of the natural world, the gratitude from many acts of kindness, and the joy of sustained conversation with others in a group and with fellow pilgrims from all over the world.”

12th Grade Academic Advisor (USA)

“Let yourself get carried away. By the Camino. By its people. By nature. By the silence, Do not hurry; you will enjoy yourself much more and much better.You can hurry, if you want, when you get back to your regular life, but why here? Do yourself a favor and forget about it. You will thank yourself”.

Student Affairs Coodinator (Italy)

“The Camino represents a great opportunity to learn about the European continent and immerse oneself in an international ambience. The Camino is especially astounding in the range of nationalities and ages of its participants. Pilgrims flock to walk this great pilgrimage from all corners of the earth”.

MBA Student (Shangai)