``On their arrival to the goal in Santiago de Compostela the pilgrims have the opportunity of discovering at first hand one of the best-conserved monumental sites in Europe, in a setting that will transport them back in time.``

After have reached the goal in Compostela, our young pilgrims have the opportunity of learning about the city’s history with a guided tour of Santiago’s Old Town, listed as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site since 1985.

Thanks to our guides, the young walkers will understand to the naked eye the UNESCO reasons for this declaration. For example, a historic centre worthy of one of the biggest Holy Cities of Christianity… or as during the Romanesque and Baroque Santiago influenced meaningfully in the architectural and artistic Spanish development.

During our guided tour of Compostela we will see the four squares that surround the Cathedral: Praterías, Quintana, Inmaculada and Obradoiro. These squares form one of the most interesting and richest architectural sites and a universe of contents; historical and artistic, with religious symbols and with spiritual meanings.

The Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, Palacio de Raxoi, the Colegio de Fonseca, San Fructuoso church… These are just some of the many places that we will see on our tour Santiago with our qualified guides.