An accompanying guide of our team, specialized in the Camino de Santiago will be in charge of all the services provided. He will offer full coverage, logistic and operational support Throughout the group’s stay in Galicia

Our team is made up of expert, certified and specialized guides in Galicia. Each group will have a guide during the Camino, who will walk the way with them. Along the stages our guide will be in direct contact with the teachers for any changes they wish to make or to resolve problems that could come up during the Camino.

De esta manera, los profesores, solo tendrán que preocuparse de los alumnos, quitándose el engorro de la organización del viaje.

Our guides offer the following services:

  • Welcoming the group on their arrival in Galicia.
  • Accompaniment at every stage of the Camino.
  • Direct relation with our local suppliers (they will provide help for the hostel check-in, coordination with restaurants for breakfast and dinner, luggage delivery, etc.) ensuring all services are provided to your full satisfaction.
  • Personal 24 hour assistance.
Photos about our guide

What's a accompanying guide?

An accompanying guide is a professional guide, native and expert in the language and culture of the visitor that offers a personalized treatment. It assumes the responsibility of educating the visitor about the local culture so he/she can understand and enjoy the visited … In addition, it adapts the visits and experiences according to the characteristics of the visitor; physical or psychological (age, gender, motor skills, etc.). One of the main functions of the accompanying guide is to solve unforeseen events promptly and effectively for the tranquility of visitors.